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Grow Motion specialise in creating engaging, creative content optimised for an online audience before using their digital marketing expertise to advise how to get the most out of the content post delivery — both in terms of reach and engagement.

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“Kind have been able to navigate their way through a tricky brief and deliver us not only an incredibly strong brand, but also the tools to allow us to use our new online presence to achieve our digital objectives.”

Chris Pavey

The Challenge

Grow approached Kind to help them create a visual identity that fits with their strong track record of creating content that engages, grows and converts audiences.

Grow 3 Challenge

Strategic Thinking


The strength of the Grow brand would be in the content they created and therefore it would be important that the identity didn't distract from it.


So much of what Grow do is related to movement, whether it's the video content they create or the symbolic upward motion of the growth they help their customers achieve. We would explore how to bring this into the identity and brand deliverables.


We would also need to make considerations for the different contexts in which Grows content would be seen and the various ratios, sizes and definitions it would be output as.

Grow 2 Deliverable

Research and development

We started by creating moodboards around the concepts of movement, film and energy before exploring potential routes for a logo mark based around these themes. We settled on a simple typesetting, with the differing placement of the characters adding dynamism and a sense of movement.

Size matters

By having a simple mark, it was relatively simple to create versions that would work on multiple channels and at multiple sizes. So whether it was seen as an avatar on social media or as a part of a video "sting" it would be clear that it all belonged to one brand.

Motion design

To further the feeling of energy and movement, we devised custom motion design which could be used on digital channels such as the Grow website and Instagram.

Mobile-first website

Finally, with the logo mark, palette and typography agreed, we designed and built a mobile-first website for Grow. While we kept the design of this simple to compliment the brand itself, we added movement by way of inline video and subtle animation.

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