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The AHGBI logo on a red background


AHGBI (Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland) represents a dynamic collective of skilled researchers and educators spanning Hispanic and Lusophone Studies. Grounded in a commitment to research, knowledge production, and dissemination, it became evident that their passion, vibrancy, and sense of community deserved expression through a revitalised brand identity and forthcoming website.

Brand identity 🔗

AHGBI had outgrown their former identity and digital platform. Our collaborative efforts focused on creating a brand that not only accommodates their diverse initiatives but also possesses the resilience to evolve alongside their continued growth.

We crafted a brand strategy and identity that subtly honours heritage and culture, while anchoring in the association’s values, beliefs, and future initiatives. Introducing a bold and impactful design, the new brand identity stands out, appealing to a new generation of academics, and offers flexibility to evolve with the association’s growth.

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AHGBI logo in red on maroon AHGBI logo in maroon on red A tilde shape in red on maroon The AHGBI logo, showing the tilde cut out as an overlay
Two red flags showing the AHGBI logo

Breaking away from traditional academic norms, our vibrant color palette, featuring thoughtfully clashed tones alongside traditional Spanish hues, dispels misconceptions. Complemented by a set of secondary colors, it provides the brand with the versatility to adjust communication vibrancy.

A mockup of 3 badges with AHGBI logo on them A mockup of a AHGBI poster for Funding and Support

Adopting the abbreviation allowed us to design a bold, simplified identity. The handcrafted logo, employing a strong stacked composition inspired by the tilde’s nuances and wave feature, accentuates the ‘H,’ anchoring Hispanists within the logo. We developed variations that allow for the logo to be stand alone or be supported by the full organisation name.

Harmonised with a refined selection of typography that balances modernity and tradition, these elements work in concert to support hierarchy and engagement.

A mockup of the AHGBI website on a mobile device

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