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A user-centred website to build awareness and gain public support

A river in the Scottish Higlands


The Rivers Trust aims to bring together the people, knowledge, data and intelligence to help rivers thrive again; for us and future generations.

A key goal for Rivers Trust is to raise awareness of the poor state of rivers in the UK and to gain support from the general public to rally against the current lack of policies on keeping Britain’s water healthy and sewage free. They needed a clear and engaging website to relay this information clearly and concisely to gain support from groups that otherwise would not have known about the state of the rivers.

Feet in a shallow river stream

“Rivers shape our landscapes and provide the foundations of our cities, towns and countryside. When they thrive, so do we.”

The Rivers Trust

We took a brand that had been designed by another agency and worked with Rivers Trust to expand it into a digital format that would translate dynamically online.

Through a user-centred approach, we reviewed their organisational aims and took time to understand the needs of current and desired users and built a site that was tested with those real users from their key audiences to ensure it met the needs of those groups.

The Rivers Trust website on a tablet device
The Rivers Trust website on a laptop

The Rivers Trust is an umbrella organisation and has 65 trusts which sit within its network, the website needed to explore the breadth of the networks and offer an area for those member trusts for news, events, and job vacancies.

Components of the Rivers Trust website

The website needed to showcase content which was layered for multiple audiences, from top line messaging through to detailed reports. Through thoughtful design and creation of digestible content such as a sewage map showing overflows of raw sewage in the UK. We were able to help the Rivers Trust clearly articulate the huge challenge and threat to UK waters.

After the website launch, the Rivers Trust gained a significant amount of interest in its ‘State of the Rivers’ report, sewage map, and website which led to coverage on national TV and press.

The Rivers Trust website on a mobile device, on a river bank

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