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A platform to inspire rewilding projects across the country

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Rewilding Britain are the first and only country-wide organisation in Britain focusing on rewilding – acting as a catalyst for debate and action, and demonstrating the power of working with nature to tackle the climate emergency and the extinction crisis.

Our partnership

Rewilding Britain understood that they needed a digital partner to not only create a digital presence but to maintain it and evolve as their organisation does. We’ve been delighted to work with them for almost four years to constantly improve the performance and direction of their site as they continue to gain awareness and support on a national and international level.

One of the key goals for Rewilding Britain is to incite action and participation. This meant that key goals for the website would be to drive engagement on all levels and increase support for rewilding in the UK, the Rewilding Network and to encourage physical and financial support.

Through user needs testing, UX, and UI design we were able to develop a website that gave very different groups access to all of the information they needed to support and engage with the cause. Resulting in an increase of 149% in donations in the first six months from launch.

A large screen with the Rewilding Britain website homepage displayed on it

“Our vision is a world rich with the incredible hum and thrum of life, a world where our land and seas are again rich and diverse”

Rewilding Britain Manifesto

Design system 🔗

As a growing and agile charity, Rewilding Britain from time-to-time will need change their strategic focus to better reflect the consensus on rewilding in the UK at the time. By delivering a component-based design system, our team reduced the design and development overhead of realising these changes in direction on the Rewilding Britain website.

Components of the Rewilding Britain design system

Content strategy 🔗

With an abundance of resources and content, it was important to deliver a content structure that allowed for ease of navigation and discovery, while providing clarity and inciting action.

Our team delivered and tested content wireframes for key journeys before producing templates that were structured for readability as well as adding visual interest through great imagery and differing content types, from stat-based infographics, through to video, blogs and clear calls to action.

A topic page on the Rewilding Britain website
a mockup of the Rewilding Britain website homepage
A group of mobile mockups from different pages of the Rewilding Britain website

Network strategy 🔗

Since 2015, Rewilding Britain have been building a network of rewilding projects and local organisations, offering expert advice and enabing action. To aid this work, we created a ‘Networks’ area where Rewilding Britain can share guidance and information on member-only events that helps rewilding projects to prosper. To date over 900 rewilding projects have been supported.

Over the shoulder photograph of a laptop with the Rewilding Britain website on it
The Rewilding Britain network map

Digital sustainability 🔗

As part of our ongoing relationship with Rewilding Britain, we work to ensure that their website and content meets and exceeds accessibility standards and performance and SEO best practices. Additionally to this, we continually work to reduce the environmental impact of their website through digital sustainability practices, culminating in the website being certified as a Climate-Positive website by The Eco-Friendly Web Alliance.

“We chose Kind because we wanted to work with an agency who not only listened to and delivered our brief, but also shared our values, passion and vision.”

Brand and Marketing Lead, Rewilding Britain
Over the shoulder photograph of a man reading an article on the Rewilding Britain website on an iPad

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