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A single poster mockup for the performance ‘Always Already’. The poster is on a brick wall, a longer perspective view of the street is visible to the right of the image.
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Brands that capture attention and hearts

Crafting brands that not only stand out but also feel like something you can truly believe in, we ensure they become something you can truly be a part of.

Every project is more than just a task; it’s a journey to build brands that are unique entities, instilling a profound sense of belonging. Committed to exceeding expectations, we reject the ordinary and strive for exceptional outcomes.

Illustration: A person climbing a ladder towards a large hand

Our brand services

We work from the ground up; your brand foundations, personality, values, design style all the way up to the final output of a carefully crafted brand identity.

Brand strategy

Crafting a plan for a distinctive brand by defining vision, values, and manifesto, identifying audiences, and setting clear objectives for loyalty and differentiation.

Naming & identity

Creating impactful brand and product names that define a distinct identity based on core beliefs.

Tone of voice

Defining a crucial brand personality and tone for trust, differentiation, and a deep connection with the target audience.

Creative direction

Guiding visual and conceptual elements for a cohesive and memorable brand identity, ensuring consistency for lasting impressions.

Visual identity

Design styling for recognition, conveying values, and establishing trust through consistent elements for a strong brand presence.

Art direction

Shaping a cohesive visual narrative for enhanced recognition and a consistent, memorable visual identity through photography and motion.

Brand guardianship

Long-term support as partners to preserve brand integrity, consistency, and authenticity for trust, recognition, and impactful presence.

Examples of our work

An exterior photograph of Chapter Arts Centre, showing the community garden
A mockup of a Chapter business card. The business card is duotone blue and is placed on a pink board
Chapter Arts Centre website on a laptop
A mockup of a billboard for “The Rolling Calf” a performance event at Chapter. A man is walking past the billboard at the bottom left of the image.
A single poster mockup for the performance 'Dani Dinger - No Sense of Watching'. The poster is in a subway.

Brand development of an international arts centre

Chapter needed a brand and website to represent the creative, diverse, community-centric work they do on both a local and international level.

Connecting global Iberian academia

Supporting an Internationally-Renowned Art Gallery

Our packages


We collaborate with you to develop core assets and features essential for launching your brand or achieving a fresh look that aligns with your organisation and aspirations. All managed efficiently and remotely.


What’s included

  • Creative direction
  • One overarching design moodboard
  • Logo
  • Fonts for online and offline use
  • Primary colour palette
  • Positioning statement
  • Tone of voice summary and guidance
  • 3 key messages
  • Digital guidance document

My budget isn’t that big

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Deepening the scope of your brand strategy, establishing robust messaging foundations, and crafting supportive design elements for future marketing and communication needs. A cohesive approach to shaping your new brand.


What’s included

  • One overarching design moodboard
  • Art Direction moodboard
  • Logo
  • Fonts for online and offline use
  • Primary & secondary colour palettes
  • Secondary branding such as icons
  • Manifesto
  • Tone of voice summary and guidance
  • 4 key messages
  • Digital guidance document


This is the perfect package for organisations seeking a comprehensive and detailed brand identity. Build strong foundations through tone of voice and messaging, encompassing a broad spectrum of brand design elements, along with ideas for imagery and motion.


What’s included

  • Two overarching design moodboards
  • Art Direction & motion moodboard
  • Logo with variations
  • Fonts for online and offline use
  • Primary & secondary colour palettes
  • Secondary branding such as icons, illustrations and textures
  • Brand values
  • Manifesto
  • Tone of voice
  • 6 key messages
  • Digital guidance document

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