Our impact.

It's important to us that what we do has as positive impact as possible. That's why we started Kind and that's why we only work with purpose-driven organisations such as education providers, charities and cultural organisations.

Since 2017 we've been members of 1% for the Planet and have so far given nearly £20,000 in cash and expertise to environmental non-profits.

But we're not just greenwashing. We're always working on ways we can "do less harm" which, so far, has led us to massively reducing our plastic use, changing to a 100% renewable energy supplier and certifying our business as Carbon Balanced.

We also recently certified as a B Corp, making a legally-binding commitment to putting purpose before profit.

Sam on our Beach Clean in Anglesey
Sam on our Beach Clean in Anglesey

We're not perfect. In November 2018 we were lead sponsors of the 1% for the Planet European Summit, where we learnt so much about making our donations go further. This is why we've recently chosen Rewilding Britain as our long-term environmental charity partner who we can work with to make a real difference.

And in January 2020, we were inspired enough by Cennydd Bowles talk about the ethical decisions around delivering digital projects to change our working processes.

We'll continue to find more ways to reduce our impact, including using public transport to travel to clients meetings and encouraging our team to choose vegetarian and vegan food when we go for team meals.

Chris at the 1% for the Planet European Summit