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Who gives a damn? Well we do actually

Michelle Pavey

Strategy Director

In the time-honoured tradition of businesses rebranding and launching their own website and promoting it to high heaven, we’re doing that ourselves this week, and for what reason? Does anyone give a damn? Probably not, which is fair, but we do, and here is why…

Since Kind’s inception in 2014, it was built on the basis of being a force for good. In the years since that, it has snowballed beautifully into a fully-fledged mission and set of core values to put people and the planet at the forefront of everything we do. It’s at the root of who we work with, the projects we deliver, the team that we employ, and how we operate every single day in and outside of work. Which is why we are one of the leading sustainable agencies in the UK.

All sounds great, but everyone cares about that don’t they? Well, no, the answer is they don’t. If in any doubt have a look at your energy bill, go for a swim in our sewage-infested rivers and seas, or discover that reports now estimate there are more food banks in the UK than there are outlets of McDonald’s. A lot of companies simply DO NOT CARE.

Others care if it makes them look good, and in all sectors, we are seeing a huge increase in greenwashing to either distract you from the harm they are really doing or to sell more to you because it sounds appealing, alongside being a lovely little tick in their corporate social responsibility box! We frustratingly see this is even in our own industry, with agencies quick to slap on a green or sustainable tag to their business to reach clients, so this combined with a desire to speak out more authentically really set our rebrand in motion.

Mat and I are not people who typically shout out or put ourselves in the spotlight, we much prefer to do the good work behind the scenes and create a positive impact from the wings so to speak. But recently our mindset has changed and we now believe we need to start speaking up more, to encourage those that want to have a more positive impact in business and to collaborate with the good folk already doing it.

This has led us to our new brand and new service offering (more on that another time) that we are so proud of, as we really believe it encapsulates who we are, what we do, and what we are trying to achieve. As a small team who have continually ‘punched above our weight’, we’ve been truly dedicated to putting purpose, people, and the planet over profit, even when as a business it’s really challenging to do so.

Poster mockups of Kind brand values

And now we can finally show up, with no modesty or over-inflated claims, and truthfully share how we make a difference and how that is backed up by real commitments to our people, the environment, the clients we work with, and the sustainability and performance organisations who hold us accountable. Just as we should be.

So I’d like to introduce you to Kind 👋

Our manifesto page - mobile mockup

We’re an independent creative agency For the Good Folks. The wildlife protectors, the green architects, and social innovators. We’re for everyone who’s making a change for good.

We combine expertise in digital, branding and strategy with an unwavering commitment to social change. By using our skills and insights, we empower and lift up these organisations, acting as a force for good behind the scenes.

Mockups of the new Kind website on mobile devices

We’re genuine, caring human beings who’ve chosen to use our experience to make the world a bit better. We understand that we can’t save the world with a brand or a website. But we do believe that when we all pull together, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.

Don’t buy it? You can check us out, we’re legit.

  • 🥇 The first organisation in Nottingham to become a B Corp
  • 🌳 One of the leading sustainable creative agencies in the UK
  • 🌍 100% socially responsible client base across the environment, not-for-profit, arts & culture, and education sectors
  • 👐 28% of profits donated to charity
  • ✅ B Corp accredited since March 2022 with a score of 93.6
  • 🙋‍♀️ 50% female owned
  • 👊 0% gender pay gap
  • 🤝 Members of 1% for the planet since 2017
  • 🖋 Signed the Better Business Act
  • 🟢 Signed up for the World Land Trust Carbon Balanced programme with a pledge to offset twice our emissions since we started in 2014

Fancy seeing more? Dig around on our website, review our impact report, or better than that, have a look at our amazing clients and see all of the great work they are doing too.

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