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2022-2023Impact Report

A note from our leaders

Kind was founded in 2014 as a force for good. At the time, there were a handful of other digital and creative agencies working in the impact space. Unlike Kind, though, a lot of them propped up their income by working with organisations whose values didn’t align with their own.

A lot has changed since then and over the last year we’ve noticed more of our competitors looking to work with sustainable and ethical clients, some with authenticity and a real desire to do better business, but some just following the latest trend to maximise their profit.

This has forced us to defend our position, and in turn the position of other truly purpose-driven organisations, such as our fellow B Corps. We’re now in a period of transition as a business, from a friendly, unassuming ‘digital agency with purpose’ to a more assertive and proud agency ‘for the good folks’.

And we have a lot to be proud of. Such as how our small team continues to punch above it’s weight, helping to create huge impact for causes we truly care about.

Our ongoing relationship with Rewilding Britain, has allowed us to really see the contribution our work can make to longer-term impacts. Rewilding is now a commonly understood term and many, like ourselves, believe it to be central to the fight against climate change.

Certifying as a B Corporation was something we had planned to achieve since 2015, but delivering for our clients has always been our primary focus. Finding time to complete the B Impact Assessment always came last.

When we found time, during the first Covid lockdown, we discovered that the values, processes and structures we already had in place were enough to get us over the 80-point benchmark and, after a year of mostly waiting in the queue we were certified.

We don’t see our B Corp certification as a checkbox exercise or marketing tool. Instead, we’ve used the assessment process to gather ideas for how we can do even better. Over the past year, we’ve progressed 70% of the improvement goals we set when we were certified, including work on becoming climate positive by 2024 and donating 25% of profits to our charity partners.

We’re looking forward to seeing our team continue to smash these goals next year.

Components of the Rewilding Britain design system

B Impact Assessment

93.6 B Impact Assessment Score


  • Governance 18.9
  • Workers 33.7
  • Community 19.1
  • Environment 6.4
  • Customers 15.3
We will recertify in March 2025 and our aim is to achieve a assessment score of 105 or more. We will achieve this through improvements to our Environment score.

2023 and beyond

A tropical rainforest

Environment and sustainability

Certified carbon positive by 2024

In progress

Kind was founded in July 2014 and from day one, we’ve been collecting data on our energy usage, travel and purchases that all contribute to our total greenhouse gas emissions.

This year, we signed up for the World Land Trust Carbon Balanced programme, which aims to protect biodiversity around the world.

The programme also gives us access to an emissions calculator tool, which we are using to calculate our footprint for each year of our operation.

We will complete this work next year and have pledged to offset twice these emissions through the programme and will continue to do this each year in the future.

This year
  • Signed up for World Land Trust Carbon Balanced programme.
  • Started work on recording our emissions since 2014
Next year
  • We pledge to offset twice our emissions to date
A bird in a tree


Donate 25% of profits to charity by 2025


We’re members of 1% for the Planet, which requires us to donate a minimum of 1% of our turnover to environmental non-profits, however, half of that donation can be made ‘in-kind’ through pro-bono work or volunteering.

Our conversations with charity partners have taught us that cash donations have a much bigger impact than time, so we aim for the majority of our donations to be in cash. Last year we donated 0.9% of our revenue as cash, which equated to 24% of our profits.

Meaning that over the last three financial years, we have donated 28% of our profits as cash to charitable causes.

This year
  • Completed a three-year cycle, donating 28% of profits to charitable causes as cash.
Next year
  • We pledge to continue donating a minimum of 25% of profits as cash

Move to an independently owned bank by 2025

In progress
This year
  • Set up a Monzo Business account for everyday company purchases.
Next year
  • We plan to move more transactions to this account, including invoicing new clients

Fully review our supply chain and identify improvements

Not started
Next year
  • Create a survey, checklist and minimum score for suppliers to ensure value alignment
  • Review existing suppliers against checklist and identify improvements
The Kind team in a meeting


Improve our employee development process

We found that our previous employee development process was not as well aligned with Kind’s values and organisational goals as it could have been.

So we have begun work on implementing an improved employee development process that includes:

  • Guidance for career and personal development
  • Clearly-identified and achievable goals
  • 360 degree feedback
  • Social and environmental goals
This year
  • Implemented new professional development process for all team members, with clearly-identified, achievable goals and 360-degree feedback mechanism.
Next year
  • We will update our professional development process to include social and environmental goals for both individuals and the company.

All staff to participate in external professional development

In progress
This year
  • All staff to participate in external professional development
Next year
  • We will continue to check in with our team on their progress at monthly review meetings

100% of the team to have time to volunteer supporting community or environmental projects

Not started
This year
  • As part of the employee development process, we’ll encourage our team to look for volunteering opportunities that they would like to support
Next year
  • At our annual company trip, we’ll arrange a company-wide volunteer day, supporting a cause that aligns with the our values and key issues
Mat, Michelle and Seth looking at our work for Backlit Gallery


Review the direct and indirect impact of our work

Not started
Kind was certified as having an Impact Business Model, due to working exclusively with purpose-driven organisations. We’re for everyone who’s making a change for good, and while we do see many of the positive impacts our work is helping to create, measuring the impact of our work will help us to concentrate our efforts where they are most useful.
Next year
  • Carry out client reviews of our projects to assess the net positive impact on people and planet
Mat and Michelle chatting on a sofa


Publish a public-facing impact report

Before becoming a B Corporation, we had admired impact reports that show room for improvement alongside positive contributions that companies are making. That’s why we’re happy to publish our own and share it on our website.
This year
  • We published details of our company’s impact on our website, as well as delivering our first B Corp Impact report

Carry out employee training on key issues to the company

This year
  • During our quarterly strategic reviews, we outline the companies key values and issues

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