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Kind Partners With Rewilding Britain

Mat Hayward

Founder and Partnerships Director

After the 1% for the Planet summit in 2018, we were inspired to find a long-term charity partner to amplify the positive impact our membership has. Today, we’re pleased to announce that we have chosen to partner with Rewilding Britain and will be offering our support by way of monetary donations and our time and expertise.

Rewilding Britain is a charity that focuses on rewilding to help tackle climate breakdown and ecological collapse. There has been a catastrophic decline in wildlife in Britain over recent decades with many species struggling to survive or even crashing towards extinction. Climate change is making this situation even more precarious, and threatening the life support systems on which we all depend.

Rewilding offers hope in bringing an abundance of life back to land and sea – more animal and bird life, more trees and plant life, and more opportunities for human life to flourish. The restoration of woodland, peatland, grasslands and other key habitats has the potential to remove millions of tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere every year - a crucial part of mitigating against global heating. Rewilding can help reconnect people with nature, and provide new opportunities for livelihoods.

Rewilding Britain is working with local people, landowners, local authorities and experts to influence and change policy, practice and legislation; enable and support collaborative large-scale rewilding projects; and help and guide smaller-scale rewilding. It campaigns to raise awareness of rewilding and its benefits.

A great tit in an autumnal oak tree

In the five years since we started Kind we have donated over £7,000 to environmental charities, but for the next 5 years we’re planning to go further. We’re aiming to donate over £20,000 and our strategic digital services to help Rewilding Britain through what promises to be a challenging and crucially important period in the battle against climate breakdown and the extinction crisis.

We hope they can make a real difference.

Photo credit:, Ben Porter

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