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Creativity is a responsibility

I recently had the opportunity to speak at Creative Change Makers 2024, an event focused on creativity for social and environmental impact and organised by the brilliant team at Creative Conscience.
Mat Hayward

Founder and Partnerships Director

While I don’t enjoy the spotlight myself, I felt compelled to share a message that, at Kind, we think is vital: Creativity is such a valuable skill to both profit and non-profit organisations that there is, in fact, a responsibility on those that have creative skills to do the right thing and use their skills for good.

In my 20 (plus) years working in digital, it’s become clear that the decisions we make as designers and developers to shape online experiences aren’t just about nice interfaces and user experiences, but ethical decisions that many don’t even know they are making. Are we championing accessibility and inclusivity? Are we mindful of user privacy and data ethics? Are we considering the impact on nature? These questions need to become fundamental to our practice as creatives.

Outside of the digital world, from product design to urban planning, every choice leaves an imprint on the environment so we should be advocating for sustainability in all aspects of our work. Whether it’s opting for eco-friendly materials or designing for longevity, every creative decision can have a positive or negative impact.

Empowering change isn’t just about grand gestures; it’s about the cumulative impact of our everyday choices. It’s about advocating for the voiceless and challenging the status quo, even when it’s uncomfortable. It’s about recognising that creativity is more than just self-expression; it’s a force for positive change in our society.

We need to embrace our responsibility, together. Find like-minded creatives that will work with us to make incremental changes to how we work and who we are prepared to work for and start having some impact in a space where we can affect positive change. Whatever size that may be.

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