The Rewilding Network

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Rewilding Britain are the only country-wide organisation focused on rewilding. In 2020 we helped them launch a digital rebrand through a new, mobile-first and user-centred website.

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The Challenge

Since the website launch, the case for rewilding has built up considerable momentum and to take this further, Rewilding Britain conceived The Rewilding Network. A platform where rewilding project owners and local organisations could share resources, access expert advice and attend exclusive events.

Rewilding Network Challenge
Rewilding Network Deliverable

Integration with CRM

After some initial discovery work, Rewilding Britain had settled on using a great CRM system called Beacon. The online component of The Rewilding Network was then integrated with Beacon, enabling us to pull Member details, including whether their subscription was in date, at the point of login.

Exclusive content behind a member login

Once logged in, Network Members can access exclusive content such as details of experts in the field and of exclusive events for rewilding project owners. All of this content is managed by Rewilding Britain from within the same platform as their website, Craft CMS.

Interactive map of projects and groups

For those users who aren't yet a part of the network, we delivered a public-facing map of network members and an alternative, filterable listing.

Editable project content

Members with associated rewilding projects are also able to edit the details of their project, including adding images, changing the location and size of the project and updating any future plans.

Rewilding Network Product 1
Rewilding Network Product 4
Rewilding Network Product 2
Rewilding Network Product 3