Rewilding Britain

Established in 2015, Rewilding Britain are the first and only country-wide organisation in Britain focusing on rewilding – acting as a catalyst for debate and action, and demonstrating the power of working with nature to tackle the climate emergency and the extinction crisis.

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“We chose Kind because we wanted to work with an agency who not only listened to and delivered our brief, but also shared our values, passion and vision. They listened and collaborated with us while bringing extensive expertise and professionalism to the project - and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Our new website is magnificent - and will enable and inspire many more people to get involved in rewilding.”

Hilary Cross
Brand and Marketing Lead, Rewilding Britain

The Challenge

Our climate is at a tipping point that could soon be irreversible. Rewilding could play a key role in removing carbon from the atmosphere, preventing global temperatures from rising and preventing loss of species and ecological collapse. But, first, it must be understood, supported and undertaken by individuals, communities, organisations and government.

The team at Rewilding Britain has an important role to play in effectively communicating the benefits of rewilding, lobbying decision-makers and providing their audience with the tools and resources they need to begin their rewilding journey. Their existing website was not working hard enough to successfully convey their messaging and reach a broader audience, so they asked Kind to help them with a user-centred redesign of their website that would deliver just that.

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Strategic Thinking


Rewilding Britain had a great deal of really useful knowledge-based content available, but were in the process of creating richer, more inspiring and detailed content aimed at engaging the wider public. The new website would need to switch its primary focus to showcase this new content, aid discovery and inspire action.

Making content accessible

Integral to the success of the website would be its ability to cater to all audiences and their individual needs. We would need to organise content by their depth of information, from top-level stats and images through to detailed reports and educational resources. Ensuring there's something for everyone and it's readily accessible.


One of the key goals for Rewilding Britain is to incite action and participation. This meant that key goals for the website would be to drive engagement on all levels and increase support for rewilding in the UK, the Rewilding Network they are building and to encourage physical and financial support from the public.

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The tools to build a network

One of Rewilding Britain's challenges over the next year is to build a strong network of rewilding projects and local organisations. To enable them to start conversations with these audiences, we launched with a simple interactive network map and details of a handful of existing projects. Within the first week, Rewilding Britain had received over 200 enquiries from rewilding projects across the country.

Content to engage and inspire action

With an abundance of learning resources and content available from Rewilding Britain, it was important to deliver a design that allowed content to be easily discovered and digested. Using their updated branding, we produced content templates that were structured for readability as well adding visual interest through great imagery and differing content types, from stat-based infographics, through to video, blogs and downloaded reports.

User tested structure

We tested the new structure with real users to ensure it worked well for people outside of the organisation. This makes navigation for the end-user much more simple and effective, quickly driving the audience to the content they want.

Tight deadline

Rewilding Britain's work is gathering momentum rapidly and upcoming coverage in the Guardian and on the BBC meant it was important to have a new website which better communicated their offering. To ensure this happened in time, we worked with their team to identify key priorities focussed on delivering those core requirements for launch. We are then able to group lower priority requirements into a second delivery in the coming months.

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