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Strategic consultancy to bring focus to a sustainable architecture and interior design practice

“Our business was rapidly expanding, we had multiple projects running alongside trying to recruit staff and run a sustainable company. Kind helped us to take stock of the current state of the organisation and to really decide where we wanted the business to go in the future.”

David Jackson-Crane
Architect & Director
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Jackson-Crane is a design-led architecture and interior design studio based in Nottingham. Their key aim is to create beautiful spaces to live, work and play and they have a focus to do so in an environmentally sustainable way.

Founder David Jackson-Crane started the company as a solo architect and quickly found huge demand for his skillset, which led to the expansion of the business, hiring a team and developing new arms of work beyond architecture.

The team at Jackson-Crane approached Kind to help them create a practical business strategy which would help them to refine their current service offering and to help them focus on the future of the business.


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A vision for the future

Working with their team, we ran strategy workshops to uncover the current state of the business including financial information, historic projects and clients, marketing and business development plans and resources available. We then took a deeper dive into where they wanted the business to go over the next 1-5 years examining dream projects, ideal client personas and discussed what they were willing to do/invest to make that happen.

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From here we were able to create a detailed business strategy which reviewed their current status and gave a solid plan of how to get to where they want to be in a realistic and achievable way. We took the team through this plan and reworked sections with their feedback to ensure it was a strategy they could fully endorse and use to move their business forward.


“By taking time to go through everything in detail and understand our vision and goals, they were able to create a business strategy that has created a realistic and solid plan to move our company in the right direction. As a small business, this advice has been incredibly valuable to us.”

David Jackson-Crane
Architect & Director
1 Jackson Crane

Jackson-Crane have continued to flourish and have a number of really exciting projects and partnerships in the works. They were able to open their own office and have continued to expand their interior design service and employ further staff in that area.