Our team.

We're a friendly collective of strategists, creatives and technologists based in Nottingham's historic Lace Market. We each have at least a decade of experience in our respective creative disciplines and collaborate to produce the best results for our clients across design, development, marketing and strategy.

Mat Hayward

Founder and Partnerships Director
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Mat is likely to be the first person you will speak to at Kind. He takes care of all the longterm strategic planning for our clients and then follows this through to ensure projects are not only delivered on time and on budget, but also meet the strategic objectives of our clients’ organisation.

A former developer himself, he understands digital projects inside and out and has a keen interest in creating digital products that intuitively meet user needs.

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Michelle Pavey

Strategy Director
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Michelle spent the 10 years before joining Kind working for one of our clients; a private-public partnership between the UK government and the energy industry that was setup to research low-carbon energy technology. This experience developing communication strategies for complex ideas and information proves very valuable to our clients.

As well as being part of the team that carries out our user-centred discovery process, Michelle also works as our clients’ advocate, surfacing their needs and strategic objectives throughout the project process.

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    The importance of mentoring

    In my opinion, the role of any mentor is one of great significance and one which has impacted me greatly in my own career. But why is it so important?

Seth Warburton

Senior Front-end Developer
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After decades of development experience, Seth now concentrates on what he enjoys most; front-end development.

He is a huge advocate for clean, semantic and accessible code that is structure for ease of use and maintenance.

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    Access all areas

    Experienced web developers ensure that accessibility is baked into everything they do because it’s the right thing to do, and the right way to do it. The web is accessible to start with, it was designed to be, and it is our responsibility to ensure we don’t break that.

Benjamin Cross

Senior Designer
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Ben has a passion for strong typography, simple interfaces and a user-centric design approach and has brought those ideals to successful projects for complex startups to large corporates.

Tom Davies

Technical Consultant
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As technical lead on all of our projects, Tom is responsible for ensuring our finished product is accessible, secure, fast and built to last. He has a particular interest in web performance, semantic markup and user-centred design.

Tom is one of those rare people in the digital industry who is as comfortable developing complex systems as he is theorising about user personas.

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Maria Wasik

Senior Designer
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Maria’s experience working on large and complex UX and UI projects for digital project management systems has honed her eye for detail and interest in design systems, helping to bring efficiency to the design process without compromising on creativity.