Everybody is different. Georgia has an extreme love of food styling. Chris actually runs for fun. Sam just loves dogs. But as much as we differ, we all work at Kind because of our shared values.

Work with integrity

Honesty is the best policy, and it's one of ours. By being open with our clients and each other we do our best work and genuinely feel ownership for team decisions. By choosing our clients carefully we can help them make a positive change to the world and help us to get up in the morning.

Use evidence

Hunches are for TV detectives. We prefer good solid information and base everything we say and do on the best research, experience and insight possible.

Be collaborative

We're a friendly bunch and perhaps a little needy. We'd much rather spend time working together with our clients to create the best outcomes possible, than work in silos, constantly throwing things over the fence.

Maintain high standards

Quality matters. We take pride in the work we produce, after all our mothers might see it. Going that little bit further keeps our clients coming back and gives our team a reason to strut down Stoney Street on a Friday afternoon.

Be creative

There could always be better way. Just because we've done something before doesn't mean we should do it again. We continually explore new ideas and approaches that add real value to our project process and ultimately to our clients' businesses.

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Mat Hayward - Co-founder & Operations Director


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