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Kind is now a Verified Craft Partner

Tom Davies

Article by Tom Davies

Last week Kind was accepted as a Craft Verified Partner. We’ve been users and champions of Craft CMS stretching back to the public beta in 2012, long before we founded Kind, so becoming a verified partner felt like a natural step in our progression as an agency. 

We’re pleased to join a select group of agencies as the first Craft Verified Partner in Nottingham, the second in the UK and currently one of only four in Europe.

Why we recommend Craft

Our team have decades of cumulative experience across dozens of different content management systems: you name it, we’ve worked with it. When we found Craft we were thrilled to finally have a system which we could recommend without hesitation as being intuitive, secure, reliable and completely customisable.

Since then we’ve built dozens of Craft sites for clients large and small, and it has become our go-to recommendation for all our clients’ content management needs. What makes it so great? In short, Craft offers:

  • A fantastic editor experience 
  • Completely flexible content modelling 
  • It’s fast, secure and supremely extensible

In short, it speeds up the process of building and managing websites rather than getting in the way. You can read more about why we love Craft here.

Why choose a Verified Craft Partner?

Run by Pixel & Tonic, the creators of Craft CMS, the Craft Partner network is a resource for businesses looking for Craft-related help or an agency to partner with on Craft projects. All Craft Partners must demonstrate their expertise in Craft before being accepted.

Becoming Verified Partners is an additional process to membership of the Craft Partner network, as part of which Pixel & Tonic directly reviewed our code, interviewed our clients, and verified that our Craft projects are high quality and our clients are pleased with their results.

By choosing a Verified Craft Partner for your project you can be assured that you’re working with someone who knows and understands Craft CMS and takes your business seriously.

Ready to make the switch? Let’s talk

If you’d like to know more about how Craft could help transform your digital presence, drop us a line for a chat and no obligation demo.