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Update from the Team

Michelle Pavey

Article by Michelle Pavey


There’s no getting away from it. We are living in unprecedented times and everything we knew is changing rapidly by the day. This means so many industries are facing extreme uncertainty and businesses are having to rethink their entire strategy and working processes to survive.

Alongside this, personally, we are facing some of the scariest times we have endured in our adult lives. It’s fair to say its deeply unsettling for everyone.

For us, our whole team has been socially distancing for over a week now and we are lucky that as a digital business, not only are we used to working remotely but luckily we are still able to continue working on projects for all of our clients without much interruption.

We understand this is not the same for everyone, so in the coming weeks, we will be sharing information about what we know about effectively working from home, keeping yourself sane during isolation and sharing useful tools you could be using. Alongside this, we are working on a plan to try and help more people and businesses through these uncertain times, we will have more information to follow. 

In the meantime, keep in touch, stay safe and let us know if you need any help. 

Mat, Tom, Michelle, Seth, Ben and Maria. x 

Michelle Pavey

Michelle Pavey is Strategy Director at Kind