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More impact! Why offering brand strategy is the right step forward

We’ve been helping purpose-driven clients for nearly 10 years now, offering digital strategy and delivery for charities, non-profits and ethical businesses that go on to have amazing positive impacts on people and the planet.
Mat Hayward

Founder and Partnerships Director

Positive impacts like Rewilding Britain growing from a small, niche charity to leading the conversation on one of the key solutions to the climate crisis.

But we always want to do more. So last year, we started looking at our offering as an agency and the ways in which we could have more influence on the final outputs that help to deliver those headline impacts. That increased influence can help us to ensure that what we deliver is based on strong foundations and nothing is diluted or lost in translation between service providers.

That lead us to brand strategy and the complimentary services around it.

Being involved at this stage in an organisation’s formation, or evolution, means we can help to shape the way they will be perceived based on their strategic objectives and follow that through when delivering brand outputs, such as a website.

A view of multiple poster mockups lined up on the street. The back end of the bicycle is visible on the right-hand side as it goes past.

To help in this evolution of our offering, we have appointed Pam as Brand Lead at Kind, who brings over 18 years experience of delivering successful brand strategies and identities for boutique independents and large household names.

And, with brand and digital being so intangibly interlinked, our team have always had a strong understanding of what makes a successful brand and how to translate a visual identity into tangible assets.

A page from a brand guidelines document on a tablet device, showing the choice of typeface for the Backlit website Two red flags showing the AHGBI logo

We’re excited for what we can achieve and are already working on brand projects with Chapter Arts Centre and AHGBI.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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