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Interning at Kind: a varied and immersive learning experience

In this post, Priyanca shares her main takeaways from her time at Kind.
Michelle Pavey

Strategy Director

I saw the internship at Kind as an opportunity to apply skills and interests I’d pursued independently to real tasks in an agency where you can get feedback on your work from people who understand the field.

I read the case studies on the Kind website and wanted to see first-hand how the five person team designed, developed and delivered excellent websites to their clients.

Down-to-earth expertise 🔗

Each individual at Kind is highly skilled and experienced in their field whilst also being highly approachable. People are happy to talk through their work, past projects and the challenges they face. The openness and transparency at Kind really make a difference if you’re there for a short time because they make you feel comfortable asking questions. Each morning, we had a stand-up where we talk about what we’ve done, our progress and what we plan to do for the day.

On day one, I spoke to each person one-to-one and found out about their individual roles and responsibilities at Kind. For example, Sam (the front-end developer) took the time to explain and demonstrate the merits of Craft CMS and the limitations of WordPress. I also learnt how to quickly assess the accessibility of webpages.

People are very happy to share resources, advice and what they have learnt from their many years working in an industry or with a particular programme. Inspired by the designers, beyond my internship I would like to continue improving my skills with Adobe XD.

Super-inclusive and empathetic 🔗

As a person with a disability, a source of anxiety when approaching a new workplace is how people respond to you and your condition. The emphasis on accessibility when Kind builds and designs websites extends to the working environment fostered at Kind which is super welcoming and inclusive. I feel comfortable using assistive technology in the office and sharing my experiences of digital accessibility.

In my first week, I met a former intern at Kind. Finding out how Kind supported him to develop his skills and inspired his career has only reinforced my experience of people being super helpful and happy to open up the creative industries to people from all backgrounds.

Varied and immersive learning experience 🔗

I really appreciate how structured my placement has been because it has mobilised me to make the most of the time at Kind. I was exposed to different areas of web design and development, marketing and agency life. This is a reflection of Michelle (Kind’s Head of Marketing and Strategy) and her exceptional organisation and management skills.

Each day, I had a clear idea of what to do and how to get it done. I was given the space to learn and work independently while also feeling welcome to ask different people for their feedback or interpretation. Every day I left the office having learnt new skills or deepening my understanding and awareness. It has been an internship of many firsts! For example, when I created a prototype I was happy to show Chris, Kind’s Head of Design and ask for constructive feedback and recommendations on how to make the design more usable and the actions more explicit.

The work has been varied, thought-provoking and fun. From analytical digital marketing reports to event management to reviewing user needs and planning user flows. If you get the opportunity to work with or for Kind, I would certainly recommend them.

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