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Goodbye to the ETI

Michelle Pavey

Article by Michelle Pavey

This month marks the end of an era for one of our longest-running clients, the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI). The ETI was our first client when we started Kind, and they have been with us ever since.

Originally we were asked to maintain and improve their existing website, built on a rigid and cumbersome CMS which they were struggling to use. Although we helped them to make vast improvements to their online presence, we soon moved on to a much larger project, redesigning the entire platform and making the switch to Craft, allowing them to take more ownership of the site and its upkeep. 

As the relationship continued we soon became their digital partner, meaning we had more opportunity to make a real difference to their organisation. 

We worked with them on a whole host of projects to enhance their marketing communications, including the creation of a digital library of all of their important public data, digital-led annual reviews, the design of flexible email templates and the proactive maintenance and support of their digital platforms as and when required. 

Over the years we learnt a lot from the ETI and were genuinely happy to be helping an organisation that was trying to make a significant difference in the fight against climate breakdown. Although the institute is now closing, its work will be continued through various bodies and organisations across the country. To support this the ETI have asked Kind to look after a fully searchable static version of their website and ensure public access to its body of research continues for at least the next 5 years, helping to continue the progress of renewable energy technologies in the UK

Thanks to everyone we have worked with at the ETI! We have really enjoyed helping you with your important mission. 

Michelle Pavey

Michelle Pavey is Strategy Director at Kind