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Fill your feed with joy

Michelle Pavey

Article by Michelle Pavey

Times are uncertain and everywhere you look bad things are happening. So with that in mind and to break up the utter dread on your phones, laptops and tablets we have put together some glorious things to like, follow, do and share! 

Happy things

Take a break from the bad news in the traditional press and read some feel good stories instead.

Happy News
The Happy News

We love animals

Every animal lover knows, it's the furry ones that will get us through this.

Dogs wfh
Dogs working from home

The environment gets a break

Flights grounded, cars parked and carbon-intensive manufacturing slowing down is all good news for the environment. 

People are doing good things

Not everyone is hoarding loo-roll and gathering in the park.

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Healthcare professionals being real life heroes

As if we needed any more reason to love everyone in the NHS.

Seen enough? You can send love to the NHS via the Thanks a Million website

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Staying active

Stuck indoors and need some exerecise, these people are here to help. 

Staying entertained

Enjoy live music, comedy and art from your living room.

Educating & entertaining the kids

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Comforting thoughts

If you have any more to add, let us know, we’d love to keep this list going. Take care, look after each other and stay positive. 

From the Kind team x

Michelle Pavey

Michelle Pavey is Strategy Director at Kind