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Cultural recovery: why continuing to use live streaming post-lockdown could be positive for events

In the past year, we saw venues close and live streaming become a more established part of audiences' engagement with their preferred entertainment. As we make moves towards the country steadily re-opening we've been thinking about what the future looks like for live streaming, will it completely cease as events come back again? Our gut feeling is no. Here's why...

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Cultural recovery: communicating to reassure your audience

It has always been important to communicate clearly and effectively to your audience but now it has become critical for organisations to communicate far more frequently and across multiple touchpoints to build trust and confidence. We recently undertook a survey asking event-goers across the UK their thoughts on going back to live events. It raised some unsurprising but interesting views on what and how people wanted to be communicated with. Here's what we found...

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Cultural recovery: audience insights

This month, we conducted a survey to find out how audiences across the country felt about going back to live events, how they behaved prior to the pandemic and how they will approach going back to events as lockdown restrictions ease over the summer.