How we use your data

We’re firm believers in transparency when it comes to how we store and use personal data. Here’s our (very short) privacy policy.


We don’t use Google Analytics or any other in-depth analytics tool that captures personally identifying data on this website. Instead we use Fathom, which lets us see how our website is being used without being invasive.


Our website uses one cookie, which is set by Cloudflare and is called _​cfduid. It is used to check whether you’re a bad egg and likely to try to hack or take down our website. It doesn’t track you in any way or store any of your personal details. More information can be found here: Privacy and the _​cfduid cookie


If you’ve arrived on our website from a Google Ad, we will set cookies and monitor what you do on our website in order to measure our ads effectiveness.

The things we measure are:

  • Whether you subscribe to our newsletter
  • Whether you click a link to email or call us
  • What page or pages you load

We don’t set any remarketing or retargeting cookies and we don’t trace your activity once you leave our website.

Mailing list

If you decide to sign up to our mailing list, we’ll send you an email to confirm this before your data is added.

Your data will be processed by Kind and Campaign Monitor for the purposes of sending you a quarterly update.

You’ll have the option to unsubscribe when receiving these emails, but if you’d like to do so at any time you can email removemydata@​madebykind.​com and we will delete your data within 48 hours.

Every 12 months we’ll ask you to confirm your subscription. If you don’t confirm, we will remove all your data and you will need to subscribe again if you want to receive anything more.